The Spectrum of Wellness: Chromatherapy & Saunas

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Today, let’s explore chromatherapy, also known as colour therapy, in saunas—a vibrant and effective approach to holistic health. Introduction to Chromatherapy What is chromatherapy? Simply put, it’s a method that uses colour and light to balance the body’s energy wherever it is lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. For a more detailed understanding […]

Chromatherapy: Your Health in Colour

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Welcome to another enlightening article from The Sauna Hub, where we delve into the world of wellness and holistic health. Today, we’re shining a light, quite literally, on the fascinating world of chromatherapy. What is Chromatherapy? Also known as colour therapy, chromatherapy is a non-invasive healing method that uses colours to adjust the vibrational frequencies […]

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