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Chromatherapy: Your Health in Colour

Welcome to another enlightening article from The Sauna Hub, where we delve into the world of wellness and holistic health. Today, we’re shining a light, quite literally, on the fascinating world of chromatherapy.

What is Chromatherapy?

Also known as colour therapy, chromatherapy is a non-invasive healing method that uses colours to adjust the vibrational frequencies in the body, promoting health and harmony. It’s based on the premise that specific colours can stimulate certain feelings or physiological reactions. But how exactly does it tie into our wellness routine, and what can you expect when you step into the colour-filled world of chromatherapy at The Sauna Hub?

Chromatherapy and Saunas: A Colourful Combination

By combining chromatherapy with infrared saunas, we create a tranquil, immersive experience that engages your senses and enhances the sauna’s benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the colours we use and how they can contribute to your wellness journey.


Often associated with energy and passion, red light can stimulate the body and mind. It can increase heart rate, blood circulation, and boost adrenaline. Red light is perfect for those seeking to recharge their batteries and inspire vitality.


Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, exudes calmness and tranquillity. It’s used to relieve tension, reduce blood pressure, and slow the heart rate. If you’re seeking relaxation and peace, blue might be your hue.


Often associated with nature, green promotes feelings of calm, refreshment, and harmony. It’s believed to be good for those under stress, providing a sense of renewal and balance.


Yellow, the colour of sunshine, is known for its uplifting and energising effect. It’s associated with optimism, creativity, and mental clarity. It’s perfect when you need a pick-me-up or a spark of creativity.


A blend of red’s energy and yellow’s happiness, orange is known to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. It can increase oxygen supply to the brain, producing an invigorating effect.


Violet is associated with intuition and spiritual insight. It’s said to encourage deep contemplation or meditation, making it a good choice for those seeking a spiritual connection or inner peace.


A blend of deep blue and violet, indigo can help promote intuition and awareness. It’s often used in meditation and to create a sense of calm and clarity.

Chromatherapy in Practice: What to Expect?

When you step into our chromatherapy-enhanced saunas at The Sauna Hub, you’re in for a unique wellness experience. Not sure what to expect? Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Upon entering, you’ll be greeted with a vibrant display of colours.
  • You can choose the colour you feel most drawn to or aligns with your wellness goals.
  • As you relax in the sauna, allow the chosen colour to wash over you, bathing you in its light.
  • After your session, you’ll likely feel a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Many of our clients report feeling more balanced and revitalised after their chromatherapy session.

Why Choose Chromatherapy?

The combined benefits of a sauna and chromatherapy are numerous. It offers a unique way to tap into the power of colour to boost your mood, stimulate relaxation, and promote overall wellness. From improving sleep patterns to reducing anxiety, the potential benefits of chromatherapy are as varied as the colours we use.

So, why not step into the vibrant world of chromatherapy and explore what these hues can do for you? At The Sauna Hub, we’re always ready to guide you on your wellness journey. For more information on our services or to schedule your chromatherapy session, please contact us. Explore our pricing options to find a package that suits your needs and budget.

Life is colourful. Health can be too. Experience the harmonising power of chromatherapy at The Sauna Hub. Let the colours guide you to a healthier, happier, and more balanced self.

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